Project Description

A promotional spot for Reality Sports Online, showcasing a newly improved Fantasy Football Front Office League Manager/Commissioner Platform. We are responsible for the overall design and layout, including color corrections, text and additional graphic treatments.

*All logos, screen-capture photos and videos provided by Reality Sports Online*

Reality Sports Online’s Football Platform allows real participants to build and manage their fantasy teams like an NFL general manager and compete against one another during the NFL season. The Football Platform’s most innovative feature is its Free Agency Auction Room, in which up to 32 fantasy owners compete against each other to sign NFL players to single and/or multi-year contracts. The Free Agency Auction Room simulates NFL Free Agency over the course of 2-4 hours, instead of 2-4 months. Additional features of our Football Platform include a Rookie Draft (with slotted contracts), the NFL salary cap, guaranteed money, salary cap acceleration, in-season signings, injured reserve, a franchise tag, a full range of customizable settings and scoring categories, and much more. (*Description provided by Reality Sports Online*)

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Project Details

  • Client

    Brolik Productions, Inc

  • Skills

    • Motion Graphics
    • Illustration
    • Production