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We are Three Piece Suit Productions, a collaboration of up and coming design professionals who specialize in a variety of design services. Our projects are conveyed simple and uniform and later developed into eye catching end results that hook viewers. We work with our clients through our design process to achieve the best results, engaging and expressing what is and what can be.

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Need some help making your images move? Well, we're your trio!

Motion Graphics

We specialize in motion graphics, title sequences, graphics packages, interactive infographics and promotional spots. If you want it to move, that’s what we do! We work together to bring your ideas to life starting with the storyboard process up to a finalized render. We help you along the way and are always there to help guide you if you’re not quite sure which direction to go.


Our animation services uniquely suit (pun intended) any project. We can take your lack-luster PowerPoint presentation and make it pop to keep your audience engaged. We can also create a new mascot that comes to life right before your eyes!


Our post production services add texture to final products. Through editing and compositing we invent a final look and output for your video needs.

Graphic Design

Our graphic design services engage through a variety of mediums. We create illustrations, graphic layouts, and storyboards. Our projects are made available and ready for digital formats.


We can help you ``Make Motion Happen``.

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We're based out of Philadelphia, PA